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When one takes a poo in a public place usually for comic value or on an enemy's property as a form of revenge, leaving the victem with a warm, smelly, steamy, some times wet deposit depending on what the donor had for dinner the night previous to the insodent.
John: Dude, Richie's really geting on my nerves

Geo: Try laying a brick on his shity wee flat

John: Custy M8

by heycambychad April 07, 2009
A football (soccer) related game, Longi is a 2 player game which consits of of mainly trying to lob your opponent and scoring into there goal. The winner is the first player to 3 goals. If partaking in a longi tournament the winner stays on untill he is defeated.
Jason: Fancy a Game of LONGI at half time?
Cameron: Sound M8
by heycambychad April 07, 2009
A ledgendery nickname of a ledgendery town (Cumbernauld) on the ouskirts of Glasgow, Scotland. The Film Gregory's Girl was also filmed her in 1980. The Nauld is also soon to freature on the front of the Love Guns debut album.

The are many ways to get to The Nauld, you can travel to one of our 3 train stations (Croy, Cumbernauld or Greenfaulds) you can jump on an FX5, FX4, FX3, X39, X2, X3, X4, or X5 from Buchanan Street Station in Glasgow City Center. If you are thinking of stayining in The NAuld for a while we have a small airport for light air crafts and a Travel Lodge. If your are thinking of living in The Nauld on a permenent basis, ehhh


Stay At THE NAULD this weekend lands!!!
by heycambychad April 07, 2009
RYT M8 is a greeting from one ledgend to another. The RYT M8 is accompanied with a thumbs up in either the horizontal or vertical position.
Liam: RYT M8
(thumbs up horizontally)

Sean: Hiya Smokey
by heycambychad April 11, 2009
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