18 definitions by herman

The attack Isaac learns at level 13 in Golden Sun 1.
Isaac casts Ragnarok!!!
Manardi takes 241 damage!!!
Manardi goes down!!!
by Herman May 31, 2003
the name of an awsome and crazy alain robot. invader zims pal.
grr says stuff like "look what i found, it smells reeeal bad" and "hi floor! make me a sandwich!"
by herman November 10, 2004
Short for Pre-owned, Pre-tense for Owned. Meaning you are going to, rather than u have
Just wait till we get in the server im gonna pwn j00
by Herman November 23, 2003
past tense of stupid
He was a stupak piece of shit but he is smart now.
by Herman October 19, 2004

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