18 definitions by herman

indian way of saying "yo, wads up"
when two indians meet, one says to another "yol vassup?".
by Herman October 19, 2004
another name for a square edged cartoon van
by herman August 01, 2004
Meaning Please thankyou ok bye
Can u send me the file plzkthxbye
by Herman November 23, 2003
the word used for school locker when kids get bored of saying locker.
i need to go to my lockamatock
by herman August 01, 2004
The most perfect organism in any possible way
DB gets pwnd by DaTeL
by Herman November 25, 2003
An noun used to describe a very ungraceful individual; one who has no control over his or her body language. Everytime this person walks into the room, a creepy feeling goes through the people near him. He is wierd.
Justin was no longer his name....he took the title of Awkward Boy.
by Herman May 06, 2005
A lie told by inbred hillbillies to fool someone. Which then the hillbilly finds hilarious.
Man that hillbilly woman is sending me signals; I hope she is not playing hillbilly games.
by Herman July 13, 2003

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