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3 definitions by hellyea

The word Tarzan used to communicate to the animals; Also used by Dave Chappelle in the racial draft episode as a parody for how white people address other races.
"Ungawa! There's a white man talking here! "
by hellyea August 30, 2005
Laundry Lottery

A situation where one finds cash in a random piece of clothing unexpectedly, where the subject receives and artificial sensation of euphoria, that last for about 5 seconds and feels as though they’ve won the $300 Million power ball. All negative thoughts quickly leave and regardless of the mood the subject is in, they will have a positive outlook on life for the remainder of the day. LL winners who find cash that they thought was originally spent, experience a dual sensation lasting approximately 10 seconds longer.

Situations that make winners of the laundry lottery.

(1) re-wearing clothes from a previous nights affair
(2) left over cash that survives a laundry run
(3) Disillusioned intoxication, where one forgets to pay random debts (e.g. waitresses, bartenders, drug dealers, etc).

Morpheus: “What the fuck are you smiling about?”
Bob: “ I just won the laundry lottery.”
Morpheus: “How much this time?”
Bob: “Found a c-note in my shirt that I forgot to give to the hooker last week”
by hellyea October 19, 2005
Panties Not Possible

In a situation when you observe a woman who is wearing jeans that are noticeably tight and low, eliminating any possibility for panties to be present (for the simple lack of space).
Dude, I was in the club checkin this hottie with some pnp, I practically saw her badge, it was unreal!
by hellyea September 25, 2005