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Sindre is usually the name of a really laidback and mysterious individual who doesn't waste his time and mind pondering urbandictionary's lacking definition of himself.

He has a tendency to always be the most awesome person around - much like Barney Stinson - and radiates enormous self-esteem (penis).

Would anyone build up enough courage to actually approach this perplexing individual, one would find that he's really a pretty cool guy - eh listens to alot of music and doesn't afraid of anything.
Person 1: Have you met Sindre yet? He's so fucking awesome.
Person 2: Yeah, of course. He's actually a pretty cool guy, and alot more down-to-earth than I'd thought he'd be.
Person 1: I wish I was like him.
by Zotzotzot April 28, 2010
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an awesome person

the name is an old norse word for sparkling, therefore the nick sparky can be used, and thats pretty shweet.

sindre is far better than audun
by sindre May 07, 2007

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