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A reject rap ground of Faggy 2 Dope and Silent Gay. They do nothing but snort Faygo root beer and rap about fucking the world and how crappy their life is. Also, they like to dedicate entire albums to mock the success of bigger selling rappers. They kept attacking Eminem because they are standing in the shadow of his fame, with their queer noses stuck right into eachother's asses!
I was always afraid of clowns. Since the Insane Clown Pussies tried to molest me, now I can't even leave my bedroom!
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
Lesbian dike pop singer who is involved in the movement of teenage girls going lesbian in order to make everyone as screwed up as her.
Katy Perry kissed a girl, and she liked it. Why would she want to sing it to the entire world? That's nothing to be happy about!
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
The only legal way you can view bestiality porn.
Oh yeah! The Discovery Channel! Do it like they do on the Discover Channel! Oh yes! Ride me like a pony! That is hot!
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
A shopping website that sells entirely nothing but homosexual blow up dolls, pornography videos, and things from John Mayer.
"Wow. Where'd you get John Mayer's latest album! I got my copy from EGay at a very low price!"
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
The shitty over-rated store that underpays their employees, has sex and racial discrimination, borrows all their materials for their sales from China, and has rude employees that defile the human rights of consumers. The only reason they get so much business is because they have no competition, and we must take steps to boycott everything from Walmart because they're also hurting the smaller businesses, moreless manipulating customers to give money to those cheap bastards until all the other places close down and it leaves nothing except that fucking Walmart store! We must stop it from taking over our nation!
Wal-mart is now trying to bribe 200,000 dollars to avoid a lawsuit from a woman that was trampled to death! It's a fucking cheap ass slaughter house deeming society as a bunch of shitty ass retards that aren't fair to the economy! Walmart must be stopped!
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
To get so pissed that you turn green and start shaking the entire world around.
Oh no. Jeremy is Going Hulk, now that Roomscape is down! It's too bad he has to do his work in science class!
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
A disease gotten by blacks who attract parasites from working out in the sweatshops all day. The damn things could spread it to the white people!
Ole' Huck fin was scared as hell that the nigger chiggers would come and find em'. But he kept holdin' on and searched for his long lost buddy Tom Sawyer, only to find out he was dead.
by hekifier is the greatest May 08, 2009
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