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1. Characteristic of an individual who is a self-absorbed nutsack.
"Dick just goes on and on with his stupid comments and unjustified bragging to no end; Dick is egotestical."
by heatshedfogphase April 24, 2008
1. A war waged against an asshole; conversely

2. A war waged by an asshole.
"If that asshole doesn't quit with his antics, I'm set to wage a full-on shitzkrieg upon him."

"I don't know what this asshole's deal is, he's been coming straight at me all day with his shitzkrieg."
by heatshedfogphase April 24, 2008
1. Briny, pungent urine expelled from a wooly trunk.
"Good Lord, I can smell that snuffleupasparagus two stalls over."
by heatshedfogphase April 24, 2008
1. Adjective used to covertly describe someone as an enormous douchebag.

2. Adjective used to convey a douchebag of immense proportions.
"Sweet IROC-Z Larry, that baby is as vinegargantuan as you are."

"You see Larry's new IROC? That guy isn't just a douchebag, he's a vinegargantuan douchebag."
by heatshedfogphase April 24, 2008
For definition, see gay.
I caught Jack and Ennis making out, I guess they're bisexual or whatever.
by heatshedfogphase May 15, 2008
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