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Also referred to as "Teh Subtraction"<br>The person of your desire's/The addition's current significant other. Called the subtraction because you think they have a negative impact on your life, not to mention they are totally wrong for your love interest.
Mandi: "OMG The subtraction should die."<br>Me: "I know."
#teh addition #the subtraction #the equality #nicknames #guys
by Heather (Ya Know) November 26, 2007
An overly caffeinated energy drink that in marketing materials is purported to "Give you wings". In personal experience, you need at least 2 cans to feel any sort of energy-boosting effect.

Rumored to be made of Chuck Norris's urine, canned and carbonated.
Chuck Norris decided to sell his urine. He called it Red Bull.

Does Red Bull actually give you wings?

Lindsay Lohan swilled Red Bull when she was "sober".
#chuck norris #red bull #redbull #energy drinks #caffeinated beverages
by Heather (Ya Know) January 02, 2008
Abbreviation of sorts meaning "fucking midget".
We call her sister Fidget because she's so damn short.
#dwarf #midget #abbreviation #nickname #offensive
by Heather (Ya Know) November 24, 2007
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