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Boobs being reffered to as Udders. Udder Girl is a woman with huge boobs.
Udder girl, would you be so kind as to pass me those two jugs please?
by heasby January 11, 2005
1. Nickname for any male person who takes risks and cares little for self preservation.
Yo' Riskman, why you always takin' risks?
by heasby January 10, 2005
The Riskpad is a place of residence, inhabited by folks who take risks. These risk-takers often address fellow risk-takers as 'riskman' or 'riskgirl'. You can identify a devoted riskman/riskgirl by the 'riskpad' tattoo located somewhere on their body.

The Riskpad is thought to be a risky place to reside.
"Party at the Riskpad!!!"
by Heasby November 14, 2005
Australian slang for 'woman'.
Question: Dude, where's your car?
Answer: My wuz has it.
by heasby January 10, 2005
Meaning 'fucking excellent'
Statement: I got her number.
Response: Burger!
by Heasby January 06, 2005
To 'date' someone is to engage in anal sex with this person.
Statement: I hear you've been dating my daughter!
Response: No Sir, we've just been doing it the normal way.
by heasby January 10, 2005

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