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Fictional rules invented by girls to confused guys, during a relationship. Generally, these rules contradict eachother, and it is impossible to follow them correctly.
There is the common "statement" form, encountered when an action is illegal:
"John! You moved my lettuce to shelf four of the refridgerator! that is so against the rules!"
Also common is the "impossible question" form, where no correct answer is possible:
"Tim. Does this dress make me look fatter than normal?"
"Do you know what day it is today?"
Rare, but still worth mentioning, is the "invented" form:
"This form was invented to fill up some space on the page"
by he_who_says_zonk February 02, 2004
A mythical beast created by Valve Software, and used to explain any problem encountered by Valve in development of games.
Commonly confused with Sauce Code, the combination used to unlock one's sauce.
"Half Life 2 has been delayed due to theft of part of the Source Code"
"I dont know where your hair dryer is, i think it was devoured by the Source Code"
"I cant remember my sauce code, now i will have to eat this pie without sauce"
by he_who_says_zonk February 02, 2004
A vulgar and hard to understand expression used to suggest that a particular item of food is not of the desired heat, usually associated with owners of microwave ovens.
Used in everyday conversation between persons (A) and (B)

(A) "My pie has gone cold"
(B) "I suggest you warm it up"
(A) "To hell with you and your microwaves! I'm eating this damn pie at whatever temperature i want!"
by he_who_says_zonk February 02, 2004
A word describing what happens when your toes go totally numb, also spelt "coma toes". Usually associated with extreme cold, absinthe, and being locked into a centrifuge.
"My feet feel weird.. and as for my toes.. lets just say i have comatose."
by he_who_says_zonk February 02, 2004

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