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6 definitions by hdsokwadls

A dumbass. Originates from referring to one through use of the male genitalia.
You dang ding dong, what the hell were you thinking?
by hdsokwadls August 08, 2006
104 93
A shit, as in defecation. Can be used as a verb or a noun.
I am going to take a massive shitox.

I am going to shitox.
by hdsokwadls August 08, 2006
2 2
A male individual who displays some of the following characteristics:
- long and greasy hair
- poor manners
- a frequent cat-caller while stopped at red lights
- wears tight jeans and/or shirts

This list is not exhaustive. The term originates from Italian men who are the archetype of a "gino."
Person 1: Check out my slicked back hair.

Person 2: Yeah but it looks like you haven't washed it in a month, a little too Gino.
by hdsokwadls August 10, 2006
31 40
A close friend, a homie. Originates from an extension of nizza, which orginates from nigga. For more formal settings where nizza or nigga is inappropriate. No race restrictions. Also spelled: ebeneza.
How is my favorite ebenezer doing?
by hdsokwadls August 08, 2006
17 29
Short for "monkey"; a derogative term applied to humans, typically males. Not related to the religious persons in monasteries.
You monk, don't screw that up again!
by hdsokwadls August 08, 2006
6 19
Equivalent to stupid. Originates from some accents pronouncing "stupid" as "shtoopid." Some speculate that the main accent in question is an Indian accent.
Your car is shtoop!

You're shtoop you dung-ass!
by hdsokwadls August 08, 2006
13 80