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best team in the NBA.
home of such legends as TIM DUNCAN.
whos that great basketball team?
Oh you must mean the spurs.
by hayter February 20, 2005
Variant of Godwin's Law, popular in Scotland.

In discussions concerning the Scottish independence debate, whomever mentions Braveheart, Bannockburn or William Wallace first automatically loses the argument.

Named for Australian actor/director Mel Gibson who starred in the 1997 film, Braveheart, about Scottish folk hero, William Wallace.
"I'm voting 'Yes' in the referendum."
"Most people who do so are swayed by sentimentality, and memories of Wallace and Bannockburn."
"Gibson's Law. You lose."
by Hayter April 09, 2014
the penis. unabbr. of 'dong'.

could also be in reference to dildo.
sexual request: "suck my doncaster",
display of manhood: "my doncaster is the size of Doncaster"
by hayter February 20, 2005

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