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Small town in West Yorkshire, mainly known for its pubs and nightlife.

A nice quiet country village during the week, turns into an animalistic drinking zone come Friday evening.

Chavs can be found lurking in areas such as the park, graveyard, school playground and the memorial... usually with a bottle of lambrini or cider and a joint.

The women drink pints and the men fight, usually outside the Robin Hood pub on a weekend.

The people of Silsden dont care for outsiders and many residents dont like to leave the place, even though they complain about it being really shit.

Silsden can be quite a good night out if your into that sort of thing. everyone knows everyone and if you fancy a party after the pub there is usually some form of house party/ drug session goin on somewhere!

Most of the females from silsden are hairdressers or beauty therapists and the lads tend to be brickies or labourers, or they make a career of working in the co-op. (also known as the cwarp by locals)
"fancy a pint in Silsden?"

"erm.. no!"
by hatttttieeeeeeeee August 20, 2009
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