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1.To Insult Someone who is being a dick, jerk, or just plain stupid

2.Another Insult To Bring Someone Down

3.Used To Tell Someone You Dont Like Them
1.Watch It Baxtard
2.Ashley Your A Fucking Baxtard
3.Ben Your Such A Baxtard
by HarvesterOfSorrow October 25, 2003
To parents:

Nintendo is the label used by parents of old school gamers in reference to absolutely any device that they consider to be a 'videogame'.
Mom: "When are you gonna turn off that damned Nintendo and start taking care of your family?"

You: *sigh* "It's an XBOX 360 mom, how many times do I have to-"

Mom: "Whatever. You sit around playing games all day long when you SHOULD be taking care of that screaming kid! You're in there playing Nintendo all day long and only come out when you're hungry enough to eat! And then you vanish back to your bedroom! You're 32 years old. When are you gonna start acting like-..."

You: "......OH you BITCH! Fucken noob combo motherfff-..."

Mom: "WHAT?!"

You: "...huh? MOOOOOOOMMM...! You're distracting the hell outta me, damnit!"

Mom: "I PAY for that Xbox Live so you can sit around playing Nintendo all day? What is this, a joke?"


Mom: "WHAT?!"

You: "Nuthin... talkin' to them..."

Mom: "Anyway, go tell your wife that dinner's ready. And clean up your damn room."

You: "........"

Mom: "Clean up your damn room!"
by HarvesterOfSorrow August 15, 2006
One of the dumbest names ever given to a videogame console. Way to go Nintendo.
Mom: "Michael, what are you doing in there?"
Kid: "Letting uncle Tommy play with my Wii."
by HarvesterOfSorrow January 23, 2007
Absolute mind-fucking insanity. Having completely gone off the deep end. Akin to postal or mental, cerebral is a whole new dimension of bonkers.

Completely fucking psychotic.
"You hear the news? Dave and Jennifer finally had their kid. Problem is... the baby's black! Dave went fucking cerebral."
by HarvesterOfSorrow March 30, 2010
The section between the snatch and the bunghole on a ho. Fun to nibble.
Pudendum, homie. Pudendum.
by HarvesterOfSorrow December 21, 2003

1. Any mexican you see while drunk.
2. A drunk mexican.
Aahhmm... *hiccup*... ozzgonnughh... goenneetzum mexamican food... *hiccup/belch*
Ohhsshhi-hhYYURRRAAAUUUGHHHH.... YEEUUAAAGGHHH... *cough belch*
Yyeeuwanna come? *hiccup*
by HarvesterOfSorrow December 26, 2005
Another prime example of how stupid fucking idiot niggers have raped the english language.
Throw yo hayunz in da ayer. Nuttin in mah head essepp ayer.
by HarvesterOfSorrow January 29, 2009

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