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When you put your two hands together like you're about to hit a volley ball, thumbs touching at the bottom and fingers up with index touching and hit someone else's hands doing the same thing and at the same time, scream "gine five."
"Me and Rhodes just totally had a gine five back there."
by hannah;keziah June 13, 2007
To hang out or "chill" while watching movies.
So we're still on for chiflixin' tonight right?
by hannah;keziah September 07, 2007
An itchy robe or clothing that chafes at your skin and creates a rash.
"Dude, check out this rash, its from that damn chafarobe."
by hannah;keziah October 29, 2007
A term used when you feel like it. Mostly means crazy, or WOW or something along those lines.
"Sasa!! Sasa!! Sasa!!"
by hannah;keziah June 13, 2007
A name to describe someone who is has been whipped, a wuss or a man who has done something or acted like a little girl.
"Oh Pussilla you are so busted, she has got you whipped."
by hannah;keziah November 09, 2007
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