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when you put a mans penis in between the palms of both hands and roll it like play doh
Remember Julie from high school that lost her fingers in that firework accident, that bitch gives the meanest palmjobs
by hammshag September 27, 2010
to masturbate while doing a fantasy football draft
Dennis was so excited to pick Tom Brady he had to draftsturbate
by hammshag August 11, 2010
a girl that looks so hot you would eat the corn out of her shit
all bill could think of when he saw jess at the party is wow now that is a corngirl
by hammshag July 19, 2010
a girl that i so hot that you would eat a stick of butter right out of her cunt
Jon shook hands with his sisters friend and all he could think of is, damn that girl is a buttercunt
by hammshag July 17, 2010
the way a persons eyes look when they are on ecstasy, large and black like a mako shark
katie had the most beautiful blue eyes, but when she took ecstasy they turned into dark black mako eyes
by hammshag July 24, 2010
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