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Fuck a chick until you've built up a load large enough to paint a room. Then proceed to to blow it in her hair. Massage into scalp and rinse. Repeat if necessary.
I blow a load in her hair. Giving the appearance of a head of hair coated in shampoo.
by HAMMER December 08, 2004
Another word for the "Stink Star" - your asshole!!
Get your wrinkled grommet out of my face.
by Hammer December 24, 2002
You need to be fit and agile to play rugby. No pads like in Gridiron. Greatest team to exist is the All Blacks (New Zealand) and the Wallabies (Australia). England think theyre good but they arent.
'England suck at rugby, they only do kick goals because they cant get tries'
by hammer November 17, 2003
uge boobs that are so yummy and cannonish that when you see them you go "nice fucking yannons"
"i scrapped all over my own chest thinking about her yannons"
by hammer September 17, 2002
A state of being that typically occurs immediately after waking up. One who experiences a colaric mood usually is very grumpy, irritable, cranky, grouchy, ill tempered, crabby, sulky, whiny, and very very testy. Expect this person to both physically and verbally attack anyone or anything that is on their warpath. A mega-colaric person displays these emotions all the time, not just when waking up.
Hey, settle down, stop being such a colaric!
by Hammer February 29, 2004
An athletic, smart, smooth, handsome male
Boy that Brad Pitt is such a himmel!
by Hammer February 29, 2004
a beautiful set of sweater kittens. you say it to girls but you don't want them to get all high and mighty so they don't blow you later so after saying "nice t's" you say "not you". sure it's cruel and gets there hopes up, but in the long run, it helps you in your quest to nail them in the seat.
Nice T's Sarah. Not you.
by hammer September 17, 2002

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