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Sometimes it's just too difficult to devote all of one's attention to Chatroulette.

Therefore, a friend or other lame individual will launch Chatroulette, focus the webcam on his group of bros, and keep pressing "Next" through the amalgam of dicks, until he finally comes across a female. This "Manager" will then alert his bros immediately.
Chatroulette Manager: "Guys I got one! Oh shit, it just turned into a little fat kid."

Avi: "Any luck, Chatroulette Manager?"
Manager: "Nope, we're at 50:1 Man to Woman ratios."
by halpwr March 23, 2010
Any regular person, who usually only smoked weed a couple of times in his life, but once going on vacation, will think of nothing else but weed, and will smoke any chance he can.
Eric: I've never smoked before, but man, this is Ibiza! We gotta get high!

Jake: Man, you're a real vacation pothead

(two hours later)

Eric: Let's smoke again!
by halpwr July 06, 2010
1) When one drinks a Bloody Mary too quickly, causing the horseradish to stick to one's upper lip, creating a mustache.

2) The residue or anal hair on one's upper lip resulting from performing oral sex on one's woman from the rear.
eg 1) "Hey Mike, them boys are drinkin' your Bloody Marys so quickly they gots them some horseradish mustaches! Yee haw!"

eg 2) "Dude, had a terrible night last night. Christina sat on my face and made me go down on her. Ended up with a horseradish mustache."
by halpwr August 11, 2010
The Intersextion position (previously known as Sleeping Beauty) is a complicated sex position that differs from the Scissors position because the giver's legs are both between the legs of the receiver.

This allows for an unusual angle for penetration, but it comes at the partial expense of comfort. Many people don't like this position because they find it awkward to position their legs without causing the receiving partner's bottom leg irritation or pain, but it does have a solid following amongst those who can find the sweet spot.
Most accidents happen at the intersextion, so make sure you get in to the right lane, unless you want to get rear-ended!!
by halpwr April 07, 2010
(v) Past Tense - To have farted and burped simultaneously.
Rudy: Burp

Hal: Dude, it smells horrible!

Rudy: Haha sorry, I burted.
by halpwr July 14, 2010
A girl who is so terribly afraid that people will label her a "whore" that she leads an incredibly boring life.

A Whore-anoid will be careful not to get too drunk, and will refuse to kiss a man that isn't her official boyfriend.
Mollie: I'm so boredddddd.
Guy: So why don't you go kiss Stevie? I'll give you $25 for five seconds
Mollie: Ew, I am not a prostitute!
Guy: Man, you're such a whore-anoid

Stevie: Hey Mollie, wanna be my girlfriend?
Mollie: YES! Let's go to my place.
by halpwr August 17, 2010
The Roomate Revenge is a popular sex position done as retribution to a roomate who has been a dick.

One will:

(a) time his or her significant other(s) to come over when the other roomate is not there

(b) remove all clothing

(c) proceed to have hot and sweaty sex all over the victim's bed
Jenny: Hey, why is my bed covered in splooge?

Kate: No idea, maybe you had a wet dream!

(Jenny was a victim of Roomate Revenge)
by halpwr May 24, 2012

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