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after receiving oral sex to orgasm, the act of slapping the girl's forehead with the end of your penis, leaving the last remnants of semen stuck to her. the end product can be described as a "pale tika" or an "imitation bindi."
dude, your mom gives great head, but if she tooths my pecker again i'm going to mark her with the eye of the beast.
by hal_williamson January 18, 2004
a really long and shitty movie about a fat girl, a wimpy guy, a big boat and a bigger iceberg. thankfully, the iceberg goes 2-1 against the others.
my girlfriend dragged me to see craptanic and i didn't even get laid afterwards. time for her to go.
by hal_williamson January 18, 2004
adj. used to describe a very loose woman, i.e., one who has been the recipient of much porkage.
"dude, mandi is like a fucking glass of water."
"that doesn't make any sense."
"no, i mean fucking her is like sticking your dick into a glass of water."
"oh, i see. yes, she is quite the whore. and i think i'll pass on that drink."
by hal_williamson January 18, 2004

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