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One of the sickest internet pranks ever made.

It displays two males having intercourse one each other. Just the particular zone where the whole action is happening.

Actually it is a little piece of a video, just being repeated several times. The main theme of it, is the penis of the man being penetrated, which is "spinning". While the "You Spin Me 'Round" song is being displayed in the backgroung.

There is also counter displaying "You have sat through X spins", being X the number of spinnings til that moment.

www.wowomg.com, go under your own risk.
Pepe: Dude someone sent me the wowomg.com link, that was so sick.
Hector: If you go more than 5 spins, you are fag.
by H3ct0r November 10, 2007
Java stuff. When you want to derivate a String from a String you already have, lets say you want to get "burger" out of "hamburger" you apply. stringName.substring(3), this is the same as having "burger" since it will take "hamburger" and from the position in 3 (programming uses 0 as the first position), it will display the rest of the String.

If you want from certain position to another, lets say "mistaken" and you just want "stake", you will need to apply: stringName.substring(2,6), this will give you "stake".
public int resultado(String buscado, String origen) {

int cont = 0;

int lng=buscado.length();

for(int i=0;i<=(origen.length()-lng);i++){

if ( buscado.equals (origen.substring(i,(i+lng) ) ) )




return cont;

by h3ct0r January 29, 2008
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