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This is when a very unexpected situation occures at your place of work, and it is usually a very SHITTY situation at best, therefore you are trying not to use any curse words to describe your level of astonishment of the situation!
After having found out that his hours at work had gotten cut, Keith said this defintely having a; "OH BOY MOMENT!"
by guyfawkes74 December 07, 2009
This is when a lady refuses to have sex with her, even though he has a full on morning wood!
Lisa gave Jon morning wood denial, after having fought the night before!
by guyfawkes74 January 03, 2010
Airline Industry lingo for foriegn objects or debris. This is usually looked before the in comming plane parks at it's desiginated parking spot. Debris, trash or scrap pieces that can damage a airplane's engine and is usually found on the ground where the plane is going to be parked at!
Jack and his crew looked around carefully on the ground for FOD, before the plane came in!
by guyfawkes74 December 29, 2009

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