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Duh, in the way of Carlos Mencia's show Mind of Mencia. Whenever something seems retarted, you should say this
"If you are a dee, please don't marry a dee, it's genetics dont you see, your kids will be de de dees." De De Dee!!
by gumnariga July 02, 2007
Why Would I Fucking Care
(your teacher): "ok billy what's the answer to 456756532+684326x6/9x10"
(Billy): "WWIFC"
by gumnariga July 02, 2007
A rich and spoiled brat of a british man who plays too much cricket.
God damnit Larry, this "bowler" doesn't know how to play 9 pins, or even 10 pins!
by gumnariga July 05, 2007
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