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The female version of a sausage party. Pronounced like "buffet."
The party was a total muffet - six girls per one guy.
by gulliblezine February 24, 2008
Also "Louded."
When a place is loud and crowded, it is lowded.
We left after one drink, the bar was too lowded.
by GullibleZine February 18, 2007
When a pedestrian takes their sweet time crossing the street, and holds up traffic, they are doing a choad mosey.
This guy was texting while sauntering through the crosswalk, doing the choad mosey.
by GullibleZine March 29, 2009
Someone who owns and wears a lot of sneakers and athletic gear made by Nike.
Ed always has the new Jordans. what a swooshbag.
by GullibleZine August 29, 2008
Sweater robe. One of those belted, thigh-length sweaters that princessish girls who drive Saturns wear.
I thought that girl in my History class was cute until the first cool day this September when she showed up in a swobe. Game over!
by GullibleZine August 21, 2007
The act of paying for something that you drunkenly bought on eBay.
I got a couple beers in me and bid on a George Michael LP, now I have to do the Paypal walk of shame.
by gulliblezine September 07, 2010
A Yankee townie. A Boston-area/New England version of a redneck.
Can be used by mushes as a term of endearment, like "bro." Also known as a "divya," which is an expression used by mushes to mean "awesome." "Divya, mush!" means "Awesome, dude!"
Matt Damon's character in "Good Will Hunting" is a mush.
"What's up, mush?"
"Nuthin' much, Ralphie. Just drinkin' these Millahs."
"Divya, mush!"
by GullibleZine February 02, 2006
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