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Nasty, straightened hair on a black dude. A Jheri Curl can count too. Called a Sherm Perm because it's popular in California, where people smoke sherm. This term was popularized by "rapper" Soulja Boy while he was dissing grown-ass man Ice-T.
"'Friday' would have been even funnier if Ice Cube was still rockin' the sherm perm."
by GullibleZine June 22, 2008
Exactly what it sounds like. When you get lethargic, or even comatose, from eating too much good food.
"Man, we were gonna go to the show, but we got foodtarded off of fried chicken and mac 'n' cheese at Chris's, and just wound up lying around, watching 'Dodgeball.'"
by gulliblezine May 01, 2006
A pigeon. Also called a sky rat.
These damn air rats congregated around the picnic table as soon as I opened that bag of Lay's.
by GullibleZine August 08, 2006
An abbreviation of "unfortunately."
Thanks for the invite, unfortch, I've already got plans.
by GullibleZine September 22, 2007
When you wear a whole bunch of the same color, all at once. Sometimes a gang thing.
Shoot! Yellow sneakers, yellow polo, and a yellow du-rag. You are ghetto matching!
by GullibleZine January 08, 2007
Short for "usual." Pronounced like the first syllable of "usual."
"What did you grab for lunch, Mikey P.?"
"Oh, the yooj - a few things from the Whole Foods salad bar."
by GullibleZine August 22, 2007
A large, prolonged crap. It's no fun, and it's so big/smelly that it requires two flushes (generally a courtesy flush and a final flush).
"What, did ya fall in?"
"Sorry dude, fun crusher two-flusher."
by GullibleZine September 01, 2006

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