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azn .. let me think. the whole 'AzN prYdE' thing, I think 99% of asians actaully go through the whole 'wE aRreE shOo coOl coZzZ wE aRre aZzzN'.

yes i am shamed to say I went through it. but it's a fact people get over it, like I have. people in australia, are going through and over the aZn pRyDe phrase yonger in their lives.

and btw I play DDR and sometimes use up all my money but it doesn't mean i'm an 'AzN prYdE wh0R3' or anything, it' a good game.

AND ONE MORE THING .. it ISNT cool to 'tYpE lYkE dHIisSs' its so old. so if you want to be 'cool' and act LIKE A FRICKEN asian, stop acting like a friggin 3 yr old kid. and plus .. typing the sticky caps wastes time .. time = money.
azn #1: wassuPp maH bROthErr ?
azn #2: noThinGg nIggUhh
azn #1: hOwsSzZZ yOurRr rIicEd uP caRr?
azn #2: sToP , niIigGuHh pUhhLeasEE
by guesswh0.blogdrive.com December 24, 2005
A young usually asian for me teenagerwho reckons they are king shit and on to of the gangster ladder, where's slutty skirts and clothes. like bullshit music they don't even understand, 'TyyPpe lyKEE thIis', 10-14 taxing, popping and going dance parties, drinking, and screwing boys thinking it's cool. well thats the city bum, of australia, syd, meaning for you.
omfg have you seen that TEENY BOPPER that hangs arond galaxy by herself?
by guesswh0.blogdrive.com December 24, 2005
a fobby version of 'gangster'
oh that viet chick is so GANGDUH
by guesswh0.blogdrive.com December 24, 2005
Fresh Off The Boat ..

Or other people use FOB for Someone who has broken english or a distinct accent (Any race or colour)

People who are imigrants and are new to a country.
Kylie: "JackeE You're so fob"
JackeE: "No, I got veby goot engrish"
Kylie: "Damn Fob"
JackeE: "My engrish betta den yours!"
by guesswh0.blogdrive.com June 04, 2006

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