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5 definitions by gubba

aboriginal slang for a "white" person. mostly used as a supposed racist insult towards white people.
"hey there gubba, you gunna chip in for a flaggon den?"
by gubba October 01, 2004
aboriginal slang for "testicles"
"Hey cuz, you be slappin dem gurras on ya moojies date last night huh!"
"You'll soon know when i be draggin' you around by ya gurras!"
by gubba October 01, 2004
aboriginal slang for the male private parts
"ayla, you gunna get ya gubinge wet this weekend aye?"
"hey bro, your gubinge smells a bit cheesy, tastes like onions but!"
by gubba October 01, 2004
Aboriginal slang for a police officer.
"Hey brudda, look at dat stinkin' gunyan puttin' a ticket on ya datsun!"
by gubba October 01, 2004
aboriginal slang for a "vagina."
"Hey kuz, i got me sum lulli to munch on after we finish the flaggon, wanna come in for sloppy seconds?"
by gubba October 01, 2004