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3 definitions by gstarbadboy

A Nike company that specialises in extreme sport footwear/appreal
The Nike 6.0 company makes footwear, appreal and accessories for such sports as Bmx,MTB,skiing,snowboarding,surfboarding,wake boarding and motorcross

They sponsor such people like; Mike Spinner, Harry Main, Garret Reynolds

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Nike 6.0 website^^^^^^^^^^^^^
by gstarbadboy April 30, 2009
Rampworx is the UK's largest indoor skatepark, based in Liverpool, UK.

It is a charity set-up to help keep children of all ages off the streets and to give them a source of exercise.
Rampworx holds many events like coaching for inline, Bmx and Skateboard. It also has all-nighters where you ride or skate the night away untill the early hours of the morning, at allnighters they hold comps where riders/skaters can win stuff sponsered by companies
Contact Details

Rampworx Skatepark

Rampworx 2
1-3 Leckwith Road
L30 6UE
United Kingdom

Tel & Fax: +44 (0)151 530 1500
(Closed Monday)
by gstarbadboy April 30, 2009
(bicycle motorcross)is a form of specially designed bike that usually have 20 inch wheels, Bmx can enter competitions such as; dirt, street, vert and park.

Bmx is an all round sport as you can ride a Bmx pretty much anywhere, from a kerb on a street corner to a set of massive trials.

Bmx is amazing and sports like skateboarding is shit and is for wankers
by gstarbadboy April 29, 2009