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21 definitions by groupie#1

to hit a bong or pipe filled pot directly after opening your eyes. usually while still in bed. usually someone else pushes pipe in your face.
i was dead all day from the wake'n'bake this afternoon.
by groupie#1 September 25, 2006
when a guys pants are to tight in the crotch and snug up between the ball sack creating two protrusions. the male version of a camel toe.
that guy should not wear a speedo, it gives him moose nuckles!
by groupie#1 September 22, 2006
to wake up.
to be awake.
wakey wakey, asshole!
by groupie#1 September 25, 2006
to take a shit in a pair of nylons and then beat a chick with them - preferably in the face.
that chick is so dumb i had to give her a brackston steamer right in the face.
by groupie#1 January 15, 2007
a guy who cleans all the time.
a man-bitch you make clean up all the time either just because, or in payment of booze, food, and other things he mooches off you.
mike is my cinderfella because hes broke and i'm lazy!
by groupie#1 September 25, 2006
when you fuck a chick on her period and pull out your bloody dick and rub it around her mouth in a circle to give her a clown face.
she said she couldnt fuck cause "its that time of month", so i said shut up and gave her a rodeo smile.
by groupie#1 January 15, 2007
mostly to have a ready penis for sucking.
to suck on a penis.
name for a guy who has said ready hard penis.
dick picnic is taking me to see a bils game after i ..........
by groupie#1 September 25, 2006