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1the state where you feel like you have been fucked in your ass, but don't have a clue by who, tis called
*to be 'exoronic-ed'
2.exo-ron-ic: exo(=opened by) ron(=ron or ronny, name of a person) ic(=latin for ass)
Ugh, I slept bad, I feel so exoronic
by griep April 06, 2003
A strange dark mysterious 7foot tall bird.
He tries to play TFC too.
RastaDark-Eagle: INCOMING THRUE MY POSITION +2342141
by griep April 06, 2003
self-aclaimed leet tfc player
It's smalling drkz in here.
by griep April 06, 2003
Team Fortress 2, sequel of Team Fortress Classic, release date: 2001 6april.
Haha, im gonna kiss your butt when TF2 releases
by griep April 06, 2003

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