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the finest punjabi princess there is. the best girl in the graphic design field. a dangerous shotokan fighter.
that sonia sure looks sexy when she fights. her style is electrifying, like her design skills.
by gregory March 30, 2005
A type of haircut. white folks look stupid with them.
Who told that white boy to get a taper.
by gregory June 09, 2003
Common Era. This is a term used by people who feel that "AD" actually still has a religious significance in this day in age.
Little known fact: telephones were actually invented in 1243 AD - Sorry, CE, but due to government restrictions, were not introduced commercially until much later.
by Gregory February 14, 2004
The Queen of the Dopplegangers
“Say Hello to Queen Dopplepopolis for me!”
“Dopplepopolis? Is that Greek?”
“Dopplepopolis? What the hell are you talking about?”
“Man Greek chicks are so hot. Well this one guy I played lacrosse with, Kent, we spent a semester studying abroad in Greece. I played winger. Did I tell you this yet? We went to this Greek café and the owner’s daughter had this perfect set of—“
by Gregory July 17, 2003
1) Phrase which indicates a disgust for something.
2) To give up on something

(Fuck dat shit)
Yo, bro that girl is a waste of your time, fudashi!

Hey son, would you please go upstairs and clean your room, "FUDASHI MOM"!
by Gregory February 23, 2004
There is only two words to describe a girl named Sabrina...
Simply Perfect.
"See that girl over there?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Well her name is Sabrina, and man she is simply perfect."
by GREGORY February 10, 2014
A large group of males with no women present, walking around with nothing to do.
Jesus, look at Quinn and his friends. What a cock parade.
by Gregory June 15, 2004

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