269 definitions by greg

Smoking crack all night long..
Those guys were crackalacking all night long!
by Greg March 25, 2005
black man saying to a white woman......girl i want you so bad sexually c
Girl im gunna sine yo pity on the runny kine h
by greg April 12, 2005
Somebody who was smoking crack all night long..
Hey man looks like you were Crackalacking all night fucktard!
by Greg March 28, 2005
token indian dood
damn that's a fat rip there mehdi!
by greg January 20, 2004
The way niggers say the word "filthy" often times they drag out the last y and/or i ex. fiiiity, ex 2, fityyyyyyy
yo that cracka aint shit but i am fity
by greg September 01, 2005
High school In the General CNY aera that rivals with CNS and Bville, NO one can stop there soccer,track, swimming teams

Liverpool Fucks CnS up every year
Liverpool 3 years in row section 3 champs
by Greg March 05, 2005
A "singer" who possesses an absolutely atrocious voice. Powerful isn't the word; painful makes for a far better description.
Christ, this woman sounds like a banshee.
by Greg April 18, 2005
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