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a woman who appears as a hotty while driving a car and seen only from the shoulders up but actually has non visible ba-chunk-a-chunk fat ass. The opposite of a butter head
I was tracking this smoking hotty pulling up to star bucks in a Benz but when she got out her huge ass proved that she was merely car hot.
by greakan November 07, 2007
slang conjunction for "go on ahead"

1. Confirmation of a positive act. A supportive comment.

2. a "passive aggressive" threat foreshadowing that bad things will happen if the behavior in question is acted upon
1. You: I just hit three bulls eyes in a row!
Me: Gon'ahead with your bad ass.

2. You: I'm going to change the channel cause I am tired of watching BSG
Me: gon'ahead and try it and see what happens fool.
by Greakan October 13, 2008
An elusive type of deer only ever heard about when it is apparently hit by a car at night with no witnesses to corroborate the driver’s story. Genetically similar to a telephone pole deer.
Me: What happened to your car? The front end is smashed!
You: Oh that, um, I hit a deer on the way home from the party last night.
Me: Ahh right, right, must have been one of those tree deer.
by Greakan April 14, 2008
Used to describe someone weighing in surplus of three-hundred pounds
Q: How much do you suppose tank weighs?

A: He's on the Third Floor
by Greakan October 13, 2008
Slack office hours of 10 AM to 4 PM.
co-worker 1: "Tim came in late and he just left early, did you see that?"

co-worker 2: "10-4 Good Buddy"

thusly: Good Buddy Hours
by Greakan May 14, 2008
appearing indifferent, uninterested, or in support of an act before it happens but outwardly opposing and attacking it once it has occurred.
Me: hey baby do you mind if I roll out with my boys tonight?
You: I don't care. (but all your shit will be on the sidewalk when you get back)
Me: You're so cute when you are all passive aggressive like that. I love you.
by Greakan October 13, 2008

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