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Curiously large and therefore flappy, vagina lips.
"That bird last night was equipped with some monstrous wizard sleeves!"

Friend 1 - "What was her minge like?"
Mentally Scarred Friend - "Her pish flaps were huge!"
Friend 2 - "Wizard sleeves!"
#fanny #pish flaps #vagina #wizard sleeve #wizard #sleeve #pubic
by Gr8 October 12, 2007
(Also spelt shneb) An extremely large nose protruding from some unfortunates face. It's overall size and stature mean it cannot be put into the same bracket as a nose and so it becomes a whole new body part, known as a "schneb".
"Look at the size of that schneb!"
"Schneb!" (normally accompanied by pointing)
"With a schneb like that I'm surprised you can get the motorcycle helmet on!"
"For the last time, I do not have a schneb! It is a Roman nose!"
#schneb #shneb #hooter #nose #nasal #nariz #big nose #huge nose #gigantic nose
by Gr8 January 15, 2008
(Scottish) When something makes you shake or bounce at random and sometimes quite violently.
"Those pot holes on the road are going to make the drive to work quite shoogely!"
#shake #wobbely #shoogely #scottish #bounce #scotland #random #movement
by Gr8 October 12, 2007
When a lady gets so old that her breasts sag all the way down to her knees, they then stop being breasts as such and become "knee bangers". Another tell tale sign is when you shout, "Show us your tits!", they must lift their skirt in order to do so.
(Can also be spelt as one word - "kneebangers")

"Those knee bangers make her look like she has four arms!"
"Yeah you're happy know because they're big and firm, just wait until your older... when she turns sharply, you'll get some knee bangers to the face..."

#breasts #tits #boobs #breests #melons #gazungas #teets #tetas
by Gr8 January 15, 2008
(Scottish) Singular variation of the word pubes to give it a more demeaning effect when using it in an insult and creating more comedy value for those around you when you say it.
Variations of spelling: Peyub, peeyub, piyub.
Pronounced: Pee-yub

"Shut your mouth ya wee pyub!"
"See you, you wee pyub, your gettin' chibbed!"
"Shut it, ya pyub!"
#pube #pubes #pyub #peyub #peeyub #piyub.
by Gr8 November 21, 2007
(Scottish) A word used instead of "were not" creating an amalgamation of the two words it is replacing. It is normally used as a statement of disbelief.
Pronounced: wur-nay

Friend 1 - "Ah wis oan the telly last night." (I was on TV last night.)
Friend 2 - "Naw ye wurnae!" (No you were not.)

Friend 1 - "Ah wis born wi' two willies." (I was born with two male appendages.)
Friend 2 - "Dinnae talk pish ya dafty." (Stop telling lies, you silly person you.)
Friend 1 - "But ah really wis!" (I jest you not, 'tis the truth!)
Friend 2 - "Naw you wurnae, get tae fuck!" (No you were not, begone from here!)
#wurnae #were not #weren't #talking #nonsense #pish #dafty #disbelief
by Gr8 February 20, 2008
(Scottish Ned slang) To request that a fair maiden partake in smoking one's pole and / or place one's testis in her mouth.
"Gonna gie us a gobble, hen?" - Would you perhaps like to service my manhood with your mouth, fair maiden?

"She wouldnae gie us a gobble, pal!" - She refused to partake in smoking my pole and / or did not allow me to place my testis in her mouth, good sir!
#gooble #gie us #gie us a gobble #blow job #hummer #give me a blow job #servicing manhood #manhood #service my manhood #bj #b.j. #smoking pole #pole #chuping #chupa me
by Gr8 August 20, 2009
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