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Situations of absolute chaos and madness, that always seem to co-ordinate and synchronise, where you still manage to end up top dog.
Someone jumped in front of the train again. Then everyone starting puking all over the train. I was delayed for 30 minutes, but was only 5 minutes late for work, and made the meeting in time, but sweating my tits off. What a dogshow!
by gpt.sunbeam January 20, 2012
So serious, it's scary. Usually used as an exclamation of shock and disbelief as to the truth/reality of a particular story. Can be used effectively for sarcasm.
"Cindy was at the hair dresser changing her hair from blonde to brown, but the guy knocked red dye into the basin, now she is ginger!" "SCARIOUSLY?"

The reality of this situation is so scary and serious, it's 'Scarious'.
by gpt.sunbeam May 13, 2010

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