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7 definitions by gorky5

Not as good as it used to be
by gorky5 April 01, 2003
72 23
Similar to dirty sanchez, but involved spreading the shit down the sides of the mouth too. Taken from the character Beppe from the BBC soap EastEnders, who had a comedy Craig David style beard.
by gorky5 April 01, 2003
13 2
Three cock gob. Gob is a colloquial term from the north of England, meaning mouth. The term refers less to sexual feats than it does to a person with a generally wide mouth.
"Ah yes, that TV presenter Alex Jones has a right 3CG on her"
by gorky5 February 09, 2005
2 2
Popular gossip website, overrun by a number of people who aren't as cool as they'd like to be. Temperamental.
by gorky5 April 01, 2003
9 9
Something ancient that everybody knows. Usage originated with the sarcastic statement "Corn laws repealed!", a variant of "Earth comes into being: Big Bang suspected". Used mainly by tossers who think they're at the cutting edge of everything, or by people wary of being made to look less-than-hip by aforementioned tossers.
"Apologies if this is corn, but has anyone heard the latest David Beckham rumour?" "Jesus fuck, that's so corn!" etc.
by gorky5 April 01, 2003
15 19
Manouevre usually found in porn films. Means 'ass to mouth'
See any film starring Briana Banks
by gorky5 April 01, 2003
358 390
Any receptacle into which a penis can be inserted
a vagina, an anus, a mouth
by gorky5 April 01, 2003
44 92