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Not as good as it used to be
by gorky5 April 01, 2003
A shower of cunts
Look at that bunch of Nathan Barleys over there drinking hoegaarden and talking about their drug intake, it's all very popbitch.
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
Snotty office boys who work for Glaxo Welcome and frustrated housewives pretending to be Jet Set living celebrities and making up rumours about people being gay and snapping at each other all day everyday
Hawkus: Schofields a gayer
0898: you cunt
by stoopid nickname August 22, 2004
very 2000, a forgotten era which was once fun but that came under the tyrannous hand of deirdre and the COMPLETE MORON influence of britnee.
britnee signed on at the job centre and bought a tin of diamond white and posted what she thought Cilla Black's hairdresser might like to imagine that Gareth Gates had for breakfast
by pj March 11, 2005
old fairies slagging each other off
by Anonymous June 13, 2003
A circle-jerk of various non-entities from the meeja mixed with recruitment consultants and lazy tabloid hacks.
Like Viz, not as funny as it once was. Although that Goatboy has his moments.
by Ariel Sharon June 02, 2005
A bunch of wankers who think they're smart but are, in fact, just a bunch of wankers
by Arsebiscuit June 13, 2003

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