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3 definitions by goq2

You hear of the long and strenuous crap battles that ppl have (Clinton had constipation that lasted a month, Randy feels like vommiting after pushing out his shit but gets nowhere). This word is for the people that take fairly quick shits, your in and out in a jiffy. You get the relieving feeling of emptying out your bowels but in a timely and concise manner.
You see that guy over there.....he is a hair-trigger shitter, he holds the record for shitting as quick as possible.
by goq2 September 05, 2007
A person that is half chinese and half native american (if there is someone that is). This person is characterized by squinty eyes so they view the world in widescreen, they also has a slightly tanned skin and like to wear mocassins.
yooo mang that nigga is a half breed....half asian half native american aka squinto...dammmmmmmn now aint that some shit
by goq2 September 05, 2007
A word that is used when something is over the top or to the extreme, something that is quite unbelievable or rediculously amazing. More rediculous than redonkulous and recockulous
Shit mannnnn...did you jus see that shit happen? That's remouseculous
by goq2 May 29, 2007