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is a call out to ones homies which originated in putey vermont of all places. a way to let someone know you are there. usually sounds strange the first time you hear a trout call. reahuuu!!!
reahuuu! nyahuu! beahuuu! it is perfectly exeptable to make ones own trout call up. but it must be understood.
by goon March 12, 2004
Given to the mortals by the God of fire... The Red Dragoonus. Dragoonus later was sentanced to life on earth for doing so, the fire running through his veins he quickly became over-run with power and became evil only intent on taking over the world. Some call him Shikaku, Goon or Terranaw. Without him you would not have fire, which of course is the greatest gift in this world!
Dragoonus gave you all fire!!
by Goon January 02, 2005
Bullshit, other shit, Lyn aka Lies
Wha? U 4got to call me lastnight? C, thats that fooliani right there.
Fooliani, aint no way n hell u could did that.
That nugga P was on some serious fooliani, actn like he was gon' whoop that nuggas ass
by GooN October 19, 2004
A facial administered to a woman while her child is in the same room.
The Zjardi didn't wake little Timmy up.
by goon June 21, 2004
a girl that is so fly you salivate and smack your lips over her, a slick ride
that female was swisha smaking, you know i just got to get up in that.
by goon March 11, 2004
its a synonym for Put it in her Ass and Pee.
"yo i want to piihbap that ass".
by goon March 11, 2004
The retort used to an insult when no other reply can be immediately generated.
Loco/Spooky/Mario/Luigi/Raygun/SuperSammo/XcoR...ya mum.
by Goon February 14, 2004
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