19 definitions by goon

Pornography, porno, etc.
"X-rated demon that lives in my head. Hungry for bodge and he wants to be fed" - Ozzy Osbourne
by Goon December 23, 2003
clam hole, bang box, moose knuckle, piss flaps, hatchet wound, cum dumpster, cum recepticle, whore hole...and so on.
example: its when a fat mook bitch cant keep her sloppy clam hole filled up with a dirty cunt rag and the damn piss flaps start swisha smackin in the wind.
by goon March 11, 2004
Electronic music that sounds like Smurfs on speed combined with sped up Ice Cream van music. Good stuff when you need a quick pick-me-up.
Couldn't take it no more, So I became Hardcore!
by Goon October 19, 2004
Brand Name Women
look at that bnw.
by goon March 11, 2004
A pot head
by Goon November 05, 2003

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