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To fuck, make love.

Also: verneuken, which means to fuck up
Ik ga je anaal neuken vanavond, means, I will do you in the butt tonight.
by Goldie December 19, 2005
shitty Poor situation
sucks Sorry to hear that
Da's mooi kut -> That's a real shitty situation.

Da's kut -> Sorry to hear that
by Goldie March 10, 2005
Dutch - literally, horse sucker.
Used to describe stupidity, and/or annoyance with certain person
What a paardebeffer -> what an idiot.
Hey paardebeffer, what's up?
by Goldie March 10, 2005
someone who goes to public school; something that characterizes someone who goes to public school-not necessarily a bad thing...
person 1: look at her new acrylic nails...
person 2: oh my gosh, those are so pubby...
by goldie January 19, 2005
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