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Ploughing is the act of thrusting the penis into and out of any living being repeatedly, male or female.
"After a good ploughing, Penelope loved nothing more than smoking a cigarette or two while the jelly like feeling in her legs passed."
by gogggg January 28, 2006
The complete opposite of a paedophile. As in one who likes to interfere, fiddle and copulate with old age pensioners.
"I always had my suspicions about Barry, he spends far too much time at the care home....I bet he's one of them twisted geriatrophiles. Fucking perv!"
by gogggg February 06, 2006
The bulbous purple grape like structures found to be hanging from the arse of haemorroid sufferers world-wide.
"Geez, my arse grapes are playing up big style! I'm off to buy a rubber ring"
by gogggg January 28, 2006
A particularly loud, brash and offensive male from Newcastle. Usually hell bent on Newcastle brown and looking to pan your head in for casting a single glance at his bird or slagging off his football team.
"Oh shit, were playing Newcastle today (re. football), the whole town will be over-run with geordie bastards!"
by gogggg January 28, 2006
A particularly colourful way of describing the penis
"May I besiege thy love palace with my purple headed battering ram"
by gogggg January 28, 2006
Exit of semen from the penis at point of ejaculation.
"After muck chucking till his balls ached, Bob rolled over and farted"
"OOOh i've chucked my muck!"
"Thank god for that! I have'nt chucked my muck for ages. My balls were like watermelons! "

by gogggg January 27, 2006
A term used to describe a man who specializes in the art of pulling his hood. Hoodpulling is commonly known as masturbation and gets it's name from the backward and forward motion of the foreskin during the hand shandy process.
"Tarquin's a right hoodpuller he spends all his pocket-money on porn. Filthy little bastard!"
by gogggg January 28, 2006

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