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4 definitions by godzilla

an albino black midgit with the abililty to smoke or otherwise inhale with his rear end.
fuck that dudes a queedlemorth... RUN!!!
by godzilla February 15, 2004
275 54
When your fucking your girlfriend in the ass and right when youre about to cum, you start hooting like a monkey and pounding on her back with no restraint...
He King Konged me so hard I shit myself.
by Godzilla April 09, 2005
710 591
1. Someone that is excluded in the Secret Recipe of Scrambled Eggs Foundation.
"haha look at smooj eating crappy scrambled eggs"
by godzilla January 10, 2005
12 3
A girl who think she have a dick and wants every other person to suck her dick.
Sabryna, "Hey you. Yea you SMD." King Kong, "Ok"
by GODZILLA January 01, 2013
6 8