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Short for Led Zeppelin, arguibly the greatest band ever, fronted by the great Robert Plant. Rock on.
My dad and I were rockin' to some Led Zep the other night.
by Glo November 05, 2003
Deliberate misspelling for no. usually in all capitals.
by glo December 11, 2003
in lancaster pa and some other places. and horse with a carrage like thing attached to the back full of amish people
oh shit i think i just hit a horse and buggy!
by glo April 13, 2005
Forum of the free. Also known as SL.

You can say 'fuck' on SomethingLeet!
by Glo November 07, 2003
In American football, a field goal attempt. Commonly mistaken for "fag attack".
Dude, New England's making a FG ATT.
by glo December 23, 2005
a counterstrike clan led by stup!D or p00kie along with thL, Hoon?, sOuLjA, N!SM0, m!sS r!EnE, and BabY KiSsEz
Did you see jeRkz pwn last night?
by gLo February 13, 2005
short for penis, mainly used to describe ballers like chris douglas
chris your a peen
by glo November 18, 2002

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