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Adding "SL" to the start of somone's name if said person is either; Sleezy,Slutty Sly or Slimey.
"Check out that chick, What a slut"
-"Where ? , yeah thats Slynda" (SL=Lynda=Slynda)

"look at him sliming all over that Girl !"
-"Yeah thats SLimon" (SL=simon=Slimon)
by Brandon4re January 17, 2011
An abbreviation for Second Life, a MMOG ran by Linden Labs. SL is a Metaverse environment similar to the one in the novel "Snow Crash."
Hey girl, are you going to the club in SL tonight or what?
by Laurine May 17, 2006
Secret Lover
A name given to 2 people, whose desire/love for each other is too strong to be public. So it must be held a secret.
Dont tell any one, but..... your my "S.L.".
by Jvstn November 21, 2008
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