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34 definitions by glittery goddess

(A.) Someone who wants to be something else and fit in a crowd, someone who tries to act like someone they want to be even though it's obvious that they're just a stupid wannabe.
Skater wannabes dress like skaters and buy skateboards even though when they try to skate they end up falling on their arse after about 3 seconds.
Gangster wannabes act tough and hard, but when in a dangerous situation they piss themselves and run home.
by Glittery Goddess July 29, 2004
1. The hole you shit out of.
2. An annoying person that you would just love to smack.
Quit being an Arsehole!
by Glittery Goddess June 13, 2004
(A.) When a person used to be a really ugly kid, but then later turned out to be really good-looking.
And usually, the total opposite can happen.
by Glittery Goddess July 29, 2004
(V.) To have sex with your blood relatives.
Also, apparently a pastime for Rednecks.
Billy-Bob loves to practice incest, especially with his sister.
by Glittery Goddess July 25, 2004
(N.) Cheap bracelets that used to be fashionable about 2 years ago. Still worn by goths and a few others.
Although they are only daft little bracelets, stupid idiots thought it would be good to name them 'shagbands'.
And apparently these were the things that you had to do if your bracelet is snapped, or someone snaps it:

Black~ Sex
Light Blue~ Hand-job
Indigo~ Hand-job with blowjob
Blue~ Blowjob
Pink~It either means french kiss or cunnilingus.
Yellow~ Big bear hug
Orange~ petting
Purple~Full-fledged make-out session
Clear~ Wild-card
Clear with glitter~ Also wildcard
Gold~ Anal
Clear Gold with glitter~fingering
Clear blue~All of everything
Clear Pink~ Its the girls choice.
Clear Green~ All Anal
Glow in the dark pink~ female sex toys
Glow in the dark blue~ boy sex toys
Glow in the dark green or yellow~ Sex with porn.

The 'Shagband' thing was pointless and pathetic. No-one in their right mind would do this stuff because of a cheap plastic thing that costs 10p.
And if you go by those sex rules you are an idiot.
by Glittery Goddess July 29, 2004
A game where you can build houses, decorate them, make people and control them. You can make them homosexual, you can make them kill themselves and you can make them fight.
The Sims has quite a range of expansion packs such as 'House Party', where you can order caterers, buy party outfits and all kinds of party accessories ranging from punch bowls to jacuzzis.
On 'The Sims Unleashed', you can buy pets.
Actually a good game, but it can get boring.
by Glittery Goddess June 09, 2004
Breasts found on fat, overweight men.
That Sumo Wrestler had a huge pair of manboobs.
by Glittery Goddess June 27, 2004