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cutesy human being....whom is lovely and funny and cute and *angelic* but my god are they up their own ass *teehee* doesnt mean we dont love em tho!
gurl:giddy kipper is soo not a term
cwissy:yes it is it represents one who is as chirpy and giddy and giggly as a giddy kipper..
gurl:doesnt exist in lancaster
lancaster peep:shes rite
cwissy: erm...hello... im cwiss why do you question my authority!!! *sigh* im rite ok... dissagree and iLL really cry!
by girl-afraid December 01, 2003
the women everyone means when they say "i want a piece of her ass"
gwen:im just a girl all pretty and petite
drooling audience: too bloody rite you are!
by girl-afraid December 01, 2003
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