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determind to get what she wants.

name originated from chrissy, christine.
There is no example of her.
by deemia December 20, 2003
super, sweet, luffly person. Always ready to heeeelp. Super good dress sense. Sleeps late so good for late night texting.
urm urm urm there are no other examples of cwissy apart from the real cwissy himself :D
by Jen December 06, 2003
cutesy human being....whom is lovely and funny and cute and *angelic* but my god are they up their own ass *teehee* doesnt mean we dont love em tho!
gurl:giddy kipper is soo not a term
cwissy:yes it is it represents one who is as chirpy and giddy and giggly as a giddy kipper..
gurl:doesnt exist in lancaster
lancaster peep:shes rite
cwissy: erm...hello... im cwiss why do you question my authority!!! *sigh* im rite ok... dissagree and iLL really cry!
by girl-afraid December 01, 2003
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