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slang in police lexicon, meaning an untainted handgun a corrupt cop will have ready to plant on a suspect they've shot. Prevalent in New Orleans culture, during the militant state in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (seen on PBS' Frontline)
My partner used to carry around a ham sandwich to pin on some poor fucker they might shoot down.
by giraffe-o August 25, 2010
sneaking a furtive, illicit alcoholic drink. The term stems from the case of British Admiral Nelson, whose corpse was pickled, in brandy, after dying at sea & sparked rumours that his men would drink from the barrell.
"We have a meeting with the boss this morning, wait until the afternoon before tapping the admiral"
by giraffe-o September 23, 2008
Repeating an action or series of actions in the same manner which has failed in the past, and not learning from any stupid mistakes.
Damn, they're making the same mistakes they made last year, that's just stupetetive.
by giraffe-o July 21, 2010
The act of preparing for natural disasters by stocking up on milk, eggs, and bread.
Must be a hurricane soon, everyone's shopping cart is full up with milk, eggs, and bread... must be making Carolina French Toast.
by giraffe-o August 27, 2011
To imbibe copious alcoholic beverages as a way of dealing with Christmastime stresses.
"I'm so exhausted by Christmas shopping with my whiny kids, I just want to deck the halls with some eggnog and brandy the rest of the day."
by giraffe-o December 02, 2009
To be engaged in sexual contact with your partner, from behind, in a swimming pool, then forcing their head underwater which each thrust. (this mimics the actual mating habits of swans)
I got so carried away when I was hitting that in the hotel swimming pool last night, I started to blackswan her.
by giraffe-o July 07, 2011
epic fail, a reason to shut the lights and call it a day
"Mister, you're an embarrassment to yourself and this company."
"Yer right. I'm out like the captain of an italian cruise ship."
by giraffe-o January 17, 2012

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