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to bring about or make something happen by persuasion
He was induced by her impeccable beauty and by the way she made him feel when they had hour long sessions of sex; therfore, she was able to subtley infiltrate his wealth and fortunes and gradually snatch it away.
by giovany August 07, 2006
to go crazy; to go nuts (informal)
to have a temper tantrum or a fit of rage
When repeatedly asked whether or not he had used street drugs to help cope with his mental problems, the schizophrenic patient began stabbing the old bat with a knitting needle.
by giovany August 07, 2006
a scenerio that is divided into two mutually exclusive or contradictory parts
A couple having sex on their first date is a dichotomy since the man is usually commended for it, yet the woman is labeled a slut more often than not.
by giovany August 07, 2006

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