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Older English term for a drunk, à la 'wino' or 'rummy'.
"...the ginsoaks, stew bums, and shell-shocked veterans who lurk in the alleys and linger in the weedy wastes underneath the El tracks." —'Chicago, city on the Make' by Nelson Algren, 1951
by ginsoak March 27, 2007
Bloody nose from doing too much cocaine. Usually occurs after an all-nighter.
"Oh dude, rusty pipes!" used as an interjection or exclamation when someone throws their head back & runs to the bathroom with a bloody nose.
by ginsoak April 18, 2007
"God Bless The Internet"
Used as shorthand when somebody sends you a link or you find something to forward that is gross/cool/weird, and that you never would have known about if it hadn't been posted on the net.
Check out this 2-Girl-1-Cup tattoo some fool got:
by ginsoak March 02, 2009
Excited, pointless and always somehow self-referential verbal-diarrhea. (See ANY Tarantino interview.)

Not an example of usage, examples of actual masterblathering:

"You don't have to tell me how cool I am, listen to ME tell you how cool I am!"

"Did you see me at Madison's party? Everybody was waiting for me to do something cool, I know, but I made them wait until Madison was right next to me. Did you see it? I was SO AWESOME, dude!"

"So I watched this movie once called "City on Fire" at the video store they let me work at and I thought "Shit, nobody's seen this! If I can get Harvey Keitel and that funny-looking guy from Fargo I can totally rip off my first movie!"
by ginsoak May 08, 2008
Can also be spelled: lessessity, lecessity, lecessities. Anything you need that can be done without for now. Something to go on the shopping list that can wait for payday because it's not alcohol based.
"Dude, stay on target. Only what you can carry. No cart, no basket, no lessessities."
by ginsoak August 14, 2007

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